Friday, 28 December 2012

Annoyances on the bus: Wrong to avoid it?


As I boarded bus 334 at Jurong East Terminal today, a middle-aged uncle started shouting at everyone the moment he came on board. Unable to withstand this noisy, rude (and possibly crazy) bastard, I alighted at the next stop. I related this incident to my family members, and their reply? "Well, if you're reacting to his shouting, then there's something wrong with you as well." Oh, so now it's MY FAULT that I can't "tahan" this uncle's verbal abuse?

Why should I, anyway? He paid for his fare, so did I. Why should I be subjected to his abuse? I admit that commotions in public transport ticks me off more than the average person (especially childrens' loud ramblings). But none of them were as irritating as this uncle. I'm sure that everyone wants some peace and quiet after a long day, so why should we put up with this bulls***? If I can't make that uncle get off the bus, then it's only right for me to get off to protect my sanity, right? Which is more important, sanity or 73 cents?

And suddenly, it's become MY FAULT for being so "intolerant". Well, SORRY FOR BEING SUCH AN INTOLERANT PRICK! What, I can't voice out my grievances? So I should keep it all in until my lid breaks and I become the next "crazy ah-lian shouting on the bus"?

No wonder we Singaporeans are "daft". I get scolded for trying to protect myself!

And please, PAP, the one with everyone's money, PLEASE give more resources to social/counselling centers around the nation. Right now, they're seriously under-funded and under-staffed. And with social tension + mental/family/relationship etc. problems on the rise, i'm afraid that our social services will collapse under all this extra weight.

On a side note, I should probably seek psychiatric help. I have too many things I want to do to let this f***ing country and its atrocities fray my nerves.

P.S. That uncle kept shouting "Nin lao peh xi xiang?" (who's your father in Hokkien). That's what pissed me off.