Monday, 9 April 2012

Change in Parliament: Will it help?

I have read a news article on Yahoo! News titled "MM Lee on losing power: That day will come" and I was particularly disturbed by one thing that MM Lee said. He said that "If we are voted out, the system is still working." and "The new government cannot frivolously change the top man with its own sycophants nor spend the country's past reserves without the President's consent. They need to govern within these rules".

Sounds good, but what this also means is that even if the Parliament were to fall into the hands of the opposition, the top guns will still be controlled by the PAP. When that happens, the entire Parliament will become a sub-version of Republicans VS Democrats. No proposals nor plans, good or bad, will get passed due to conflicting interests, and the entire nation will come to a standstill.

There's also more worries for the Opposition. A quick check on Temasek Holdings on Wikipedia revealed that it has major investments in the following: DBS Group Holdings (28%), MediaCorp (100%), Singtel (55%), Neptune Orient Lines(66%), SMRT (54%), CapitaLand (40%), Raffles Holdings (fully owned), SembCorp Industries (49%), Singapore Power(100%). There are much more, but these are the most prominent ones I could find.

The percentages reflect the shares Temasek Holdings has on these companies. The problem here is that these companies have a big impact on Singapore's economy in the Shipping, Banking, Power and Hospitality sector (and maybe much more). Some of these companies also impacts the lives of Singaporeans directly. And Temasek Holdings is their major shareholder, with Ho Ching as the CEO. What do you get? A PAP monopoly on Singapore, be it in the business landscape or in the lives of Singaporeans.

Of course, even if it wins the majority of seats in the next GE, the Opposition does not have to go on a "sweeping operation" right away. It should focus on improving the lives of citizens first before trying to loosen the firm grip PAP has on Singapore. But what i'm afraid is that PAP, in a bid to regain control, will start "fighting" with the Opposition in the background, ultimately causing us ordinary people to suffer.

So this is what I ask of myself and my readers: Are we willing to take this risk? I guess 60% aren't willing to do so yet. But if things remain as they are, this country will definitely decline. Therefore, come next GE, i'll be taking the big gamble. What about you?


  1. With the direction our country is heading, not taking the "risk" during future elections would surely mean doom.

    There is no option but to opt for a people oriented and holistic minded government.

    Majulah Singapura.

  2. When I came back to SG in March, flipping through Recruit newspapers made me realize that PAP has achieved so much more during the past years. SG government has reached the higher levels of imperialism than years before and are still climbing up. Capitalism remains strong but hunger for control began to supercede.

    Yea, it's all about ONE POWER, not one nation.