Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The Zheng Hui Ting Saga: What does it show?

"Singapore girl laughs at NSF who died during training: Singaporeans too weak? LOL". After reading this article, I felt that while the girl's comments are really insensitive, it is the comments that really pissed me off.

1st of all, I have an older brother who is serving NS. When he just finished his BMT, he was sent to the 3rd Guards Battalion even though he's the weakest guy in his company. I don't like my brother, but i'm still worried about his safety. I guess it's natural to worry about someone you know? And even if it's a complete stranger, you would still feel sad if you heard that a healthy young man suddenly died for no reason, right?

And now, on to the comments. In all these fury and chaos, it seems that some people have used the chance to hurl insults at Singaporean girls in general. One comment from Alex Wong said: "Fuck Singaporean Chinese Females". Another person, Fuck Them All, wrote: "Fuck all these small breasts, no ass, can't make sandwich materialistic Sinkie ugly SPG cunts. All they know is eat, shop and party, no different from prostitutes. What they deserve is to be fucked and chucked by Nigger drug dealers".

Now, maybe you had some terrible experience with Singaporean girls, that's why you feel that way. Fine, everyone's entitled to their own opinions. But by insulting the entire female population in Singapore, it only puts you in the same rank as the girl who started this entire saga in the 1st place. Don't forget, when you are insulting them, you are also insulting your own mother, sister, aunt, and wife (unless all of them are not Singaporeans).

All these insulting comments also made me think about our education system. What has it done to us? In the relentless pursuit of grades and paper qualifications, did we forget about the most basic form of respect for others? Have we degenerated into nothing but educated barbarians? Are we so lacking that we need cash awards in order for us to learn morals and develop good character?

1st things 1st, I am no saint. If you go by the books of law, I can't even be considered a good person, as I've broken the law before (mentioned in my previous posts). But I seriously feel that we need to keep our thoughts and language in check. Anger is good, as it shows that you care, but making use of the anger to hurl mindless and senseless insults at innocent people only makes you look like an idiot. And if you really need to post something on facebook that might cause controversy, there's always the "Only Me" option.

p.s. I changed the title as i felt that it would better reflect my thoughts on the entire saga. Sorry if I mislead you guys.

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