Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Living in Singapore: The Good, The Bad and The Funny(?)

I came across a picture on Facebook which described the cons of living in Singapore. While I can't help but agree with it, it really made me laugh. It also gave me a sudden urge to write. So here I am, sharing the good, the bad, and the funny things about living in Singapore, based on a conversation I had with a Malaysian colleague (I worked for a month at a factory) .

The Good

Security - He told me that this is at the top of his "like" list. He felt safe here, and do not have to worry about going out at night. I told him about the recent incidents that happened, and he told me that while there's more occurrences now, Singapore's security is still better compared to other countries.

Convenience - While I continued chatting with him about living in Singapore, he told me another thing he liked here is convenience. Unlike other countries, travelling only takes around an hour or so (From Boon Lay to Pasir Ris via MRT). And Since most towns are well-developed (in terms of access to facilities like hawker centers and schools), most people do not have to travel far to settle their meals and other issues.

The Bad

Pace - "Everyone and everything's moving too fast", he commented. "You go to the MRT stations and see. Gate open, and everyone's out in one second. It's really dangerous for the weak and elderly if they're caught in this rush."

I replied : "So if I want to film a documentary on Singaporeans taking the MRT, I would need to run my film on slow-motion, cos everything will be so fast, the audience can't see anything at normal speed!"

Level of Stress -  This is also on his "dislike" list. He said that too many Singaporeans are too tensed up, and that he is also feeling the pressure. "even though standard of living is poorer back at home, people at my hometown are much happier and relaxed."

The Funny(?)

After listing out his thoughts about Singapore, he proceeded to ask me: "so what do YOU like about Singapore?"

I was stumped. I searched through my brain for an answer, but no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't find an answer. He probably saw the blank look on my face, because he didn't press on any further. How is it that a Malaysian can list out the pros and cons about Singapore, while a local Singaporean like me can't think of anything at all? Is it funny, or should I be sad at the fact that I've lost touch with my motherland?

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